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Hey guys! It's time for my annual


I know it's a little early, but the world is a scary place right now, and I want to help make some people happier, even if it's just a smile from a cute little card. Comments are screened, so please let me know if you'd like a card by giving me your preferred name and address below!
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Since I work at Hallmark now, I have no excuse to not send Christmas cards, and it's something I definitely want to do this year, whether you're a new friend or not! And since I moved recently, the addresses I got from people last year/earlier this year/whatever are proooobably lost. Best to comment here just to be safe!

Comments are screened so that no one can creep on this or anything! Just leave one here with your preferred name and address, and preferably what style of card you like! Do you enjoy elegant ones, wordy/feelsy, GLITTER EXTRAVAGANZA, funny, or pretty? Do you not celebrate Christmas and would rather just have a wintery, cheery hello card? Let me know!
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It's that time of year again! Time for buttcold weather, Christmas carols everywhere (they could even be... in YOUR department store), but most of all, time for Christmas cards!

All comments are screened, so no worries about random people knowing where you live. If you want a card from me, the Kukki, the Kukkmeister, then just leave a comment with your address! I will send it in time for Christmas, and then you may celebrate with even more Christmas carols.

Private plurking me on plurk is also an option!
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If you want a Christmas card from me, just post your address in the replies below! Comments are screened, so no creepy stalkers over here or anything.
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It really pains me to say that Thunder, my precious baby girl, had to be put down today.

about my girl )
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/trying out new fingerless gloves awww yeah they work

Also I told Saffy yesterday, but neglected to tell anyone else. My cousin (the good one, aka the one I like) is going to be having her second child! They don't know the gender yet, as it's still too early. But I must say, I was quite surprised to hear it!

Their first child, Merrick, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes just a few months after he was born. It's been pretty stressful as a result, so hearing they're going to have another baby was a shock! A good one, but still. I'm pretty excited about it myself!

The only concern I have is something I share with my brother: With Merrick, his parents are so busy that they let his grandmother take care of him. And they rely on this system a lot, so much that Merrick's began calling his grandmother "mom", not that he knows what it means. But still, it's kind of an issue, and he's been kind of needy as a result of that plus all the spoiling he gets. He's had a hard time with school, sort of being off by himself and whatnot. I think he's getting better now that he's been there for a while, but yeah. I think he's a bit too dependent on the grandparents, and it's kind of vice-versa too. I just hope that when the second child comes along, it won't really be the same case.

Otherwise, I'm very happy about this! I love my cousin, and I'm glad she's trucking through despite the problems that came up.

Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE! ♥ And if you don't celebrate it, HAPPY SUNDAY!
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/chills out from lj exodus



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